Alterations, Repair And Remodeling

A seam popped? A pair of trousers too long?

Any repair and alteration, I am more than happy to take a look for you.

There is no need to bin a perfect item because a button came off.

Alterations can be small or big, if you’re not sure what you want is possible, please do just ask. Even if it isn’t, I’m more than happy to see if there is another solution you are happy with. Why not make your items last longer and starve that bin.

Just about all repairs and alterations can be done.
Prices start from £9.- onwards.
If you have something, just send me an e-mail with a description and/or a photo and I will let you know the price.
Then you can decide straight away whether you would like to go ahead.


In short, anything! Whether it’s a popped seam, or a button has fallen off, if you need to me to do it, just ask! As it is a real shame if an item gets thrown away, when it can be easily fixed.  

Sometimes unfortunately, items are just finished. If something is beyond repairing, you can decide to perhaps have the item altered, to still prolong it’s life, just differently. I will try and give you options, but the final decision is always yours. There is no pressure. 

Alterations mean of course only so much is possible, as I am working with what is there and the options available, unlike creating something from scratch. But, don’t fret, a lot is still possible! In the case what you were thinking isn’t, I will do my best to think of an alternative, to see if that can perhaps create something to your liking instead. 

Once you leave, I make notes, that way I remember what it is that needs doing. The item will then only be handled when need be. Prom and bridal gowns are only removed from their bags, when they’re going to be worked on or I need to check something. Apart from that, they will stay safely in their bags, away from light, dust and other eyes. Daywear items, may sometimes be on my stand when other customers visit, but most of the time my stand will contain something I’m working on for myself or just something general. When items need in between fits, I will contact you when it’s ready to set up a date and time. When items are completely finished, I will again contact you to let you know and we can agree a date and time for a final fit and/or collection.

“Thanks again for all your help with my dress. The final result looked lovely and I was over the moon with it!”