Prom & Bridal alterations

“A wedding gown is about self-expression, and the bride should choose a dress that reflects who she is, above all else.”

Vera Wang.

You’ve chosen a dress, hooray! Exciting times! Now to find a seamstress, right? As they are always made far too long (this is, because it’s easier to take the hem up, then have to find a way to add length) and perhaps it needs some other tweaking too?


One question I get lots is, I’m not sure when should I book? And what happens after I have booked?


With me, I can answer that, of course! 

Pre-booking spaces

When you decide on a gown and order it, the shop will let you know a rough estimate time wise it will come in. Sometimes gowns come in earlier, sometimes later, it all depends on how busy the supplier is and where you are in their queue. Once the dress is ordered, this is now the perfect time to find your seamstress and get a pre-booking in. I use the estimated time of arrival to put your name down in that month. If the dress arrives earlier, of course feel free to drop me a message to see if I can start alterations on the dress sooner, no need to wait till the month I am expecting your call.


Before you see me for your first appointment, do make sure you have the shoes and if wearing one, the bra you’re planning on wearing. You may not think it, but a bra can change the fit of a gown enough for it to not fit as nicely when wearing a different one.   

When pre-booked spaces are full


Once the pre-booked spaces are filled up, I start a waiting list. As prom and wedding gowns sometimes require quite a bit of work/attention, due to the nature of them, I want to make sure I give every one of them the time they need and deserve. Sometimes, some turn out to need less work and I can fit more gowns in. But sometimes, some gowns, need all the time allocated completely. I never know what needs doing exactly, till they arrive with me. Hence, my advice, is to please not wait till the dress arrives to get a space, as they do fill up very quickly. 

I have my dress

If you chose a gown you could take away with you straight away, great!

No need to wait, just send me a message and I will be able to tell you whether
I have space to alter the gown for you and if so, we can agree on a date and
time and get things going. The same rule does apply in regards to shoes and, if
wearing one, a bra. 



I do not take deposits for reserving a spot, but I am of course reviewing these every year, if no shows become the norm, then I will of course have to implement this type of system. But so far, everyone has been wonderful, kept me up to date and kept it all working smoothly. If a gown needs quite a bit of work, you can leave a deposit with me, to cover the work beforehand, if you rather spread out the charges. Otherwise, your gown is my deposit, as I know you will return for it.  

Photo by Amanda Hall Photography


The appointments will be nice and easy. There is no pressure or anything, this is your gown and I want it to be perfect for you. I’ll ask you to pop the gown on and then discuss with you what you would like done to it. Then I will get going with pinning where need be and you can check in the mirror if you like where the hem will sit, or if I perhaps am planning to take it in enough etc.



Some gowns also require more than 2 appointments. If a gown requires quite a bit of work or has beadwork/appliqués, I do ask for you to return for an in between fit. This is to check the fit is right, before I re attach all the beadwork/appliqués. This will save time and also is better for the item, rather than being unpicked over and over again. Please don’t worry when you see it at this stage, as the gown will not look like it does at this point, at the end. 

Trains. On? Off? Trimmed down?


Some prom gowns have trains as well as bridal gowns and with these, it is entirely up to you what you’d like
done with them. Keep them as they are, which means only the front may need
taking up, take some length off, or perhaps you’re thinking, love the gown,
hate the train, please remove it. It’s all possible. When in doubt, my advice
is then always, let’s leave the train as is, get the front where we want it to
be and then decide. I can easily trim or even remove the train at any time
after the front part is where it should sit, if you think at this stage that is
what you want. 


Final appointment

For the final fit, I will make sure the gown is pressed and steamed for you. I will ask you to put it on again, with your shoes, to do a final check. If it turns out, some more work/tweaking is needed, I can still do so. If the gown is now perfect for you, I’ll be more than happy to hang it back in the bag and after payment, it can go home again with you.


My advise with gowns is to hang them if you can, or if you have to lie them down, never to put anything on top. As that can crease them.



You will also receive a small card with your dress, containing off cuts of your gown (depending of course if enough material comes from your item), to help match any accessories easier. 




I have a handy little card machine, which accepts the cards pictured. As ATM’s have been going walkies more and more in town, it means no need to go out of your way to get cash out. 




After all this, my job is done and I hope you have a wonderful prom or wedding day! I love seeing photos, so please do! And if you do, make sure you mention whether you’re ok with me sharing them. 

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