Proms & Other Occasions

For Proms and other occasions, I can alter the item you have bought, or create something from scratch. It’s entirely up to you!

Having a gown made

When having something made, do keep in mind the time scale will be larger than alterations, as items take time perfecting. If you wish to have a prom or occasion gown made, I will need to know about a year in advance, to make sure the item is done in time.

Starting price is £150.-, excluding fabrics and embellishments.

Having a gown altered

For alterations, once you have ordered your dress, the shop will let you know a rough time it is expected to arrive with them, as these items could get made per order (shop depending). That is the time I will need to know, as then I can book you for that month. We will agree on an exact date and time once the dress has arrived. If the dress is delayed (don’t worry, this does not happen often), just let me know and we can arrange something.

If you already have the gown, perfect! We can set a date and time straight away and I can get started for you. Just don’t forget to bring your shoes! 

All alterations (where possible) and creations, will come with a complimentary swatch card when collected. This will make choosing accessories easier.

Prom Portfolio

The Process

Prom appointments:

– I work by appointment only.  

– It is best to contact me as soon as you know you would like me to do alterations for you, as the diary does get booked up, sometimes it can take a little while for me to get back to you, while I am waiting to hear back from someone 

– Alterations can be pre booked, I need to know when the item is expected to come in, your name will then be put down under that month, once that month is fully booked, I won’t be able to take any more on. If you do not need me in the end, I need you to let me know and I can open the space back up for someone else. I don’t take deposits at the moment, but I am reviewing this constantly (depending on if no shows become too frequent). 

– Shoes will need to be brought when a hem needs doing and the right bra (if one is going to be worn) will need to be worn to make sure the fit is pinned right.  

– As alterations can be tricky at times, keep in mind that with some you may only see me for 2 visits, but some more tricky ones, could result in several visits to get everything perfect 

There is no deposit once the item is here (your prom or bridal dress is in a way my deposit, as I know you will return for this), again I am constantly reviewing this 

– Your item does not come out of its bag, unless it is worked on.  

Payment will need to be made in full, before the dress is released back to you.  

– I am happy with payments spread out, while work is being done on the item, just ask me and we can work out a plan together, where the invoice is paid in full by pick up of the item. You will receive an invoice each time stating what you have paid in full, for your own records. 

– Payments can be done in cash, card via my machine (you can see what cards I accept in my workroom or please do ask me in advance and I can let you know) or via bank transfer. 

Each alteration, where possible, you will receive a small card with swatches of your dress. This is to help with buying any accessories you may need. There is no charge for this. 

– All dresses once finished, will be pressed and steamed before pick up. I do always advice for these to be hung once you get them home, to avoid creasing.  

Pattern cutting and production:


– I will need to take your measurements myself to create the pattern. 

– A toile is produced for a first fit to check all measurements are correct and that the design is how you wish it to be. Any tweaks needed are then translated to the pattern. 

– In the actual fabric another fit is needed before everything is sewn up, this is to ensure, any more tweaking can be done without having to unpick the item and causing possible damage.  

– As bespoke is a tricky feat, you may be looking at several fits, to ensure everything is perfect.  

– It is very important you wear the right bra, as this can make a big difference fit wise. 

– Once the item is done, it will be pressed and steamed for you before pick up and it will have a protective dust cover on. 

– If you would like the toile of the piece, just tell me and I will make sure that is all ready for you too, by pick up. Anyone that does not notify me of this, the toiles will be reused after the job finishes. Meaning these can get unpicked, cut up etc for another use.  

– If you would like to have the pattern with the item, you are more than welcome to it, just let me know and I will make sure it will be waiting for you at collection time.  

– Patterns that do not go with the items, get stored here for a year, if I do not hear from you within a year that you wish to have the pattern or for it to be used again, it will be destroyed to make space for future projects.  Meaning that if you wish for a similar item to be made, I do need to start over again.  


Pattern only; 

I can produce a pattern for you, to use then yourself for any sewing adventures. As with anything, it does take time to get the perfect fit, but once done, you will receive the pattern and the toile together.  

– For bespoke pattern cutting, I do need to take your measurements myself and do fittings with a toile in calico. This is to tweak the pattern correctly and the tweaks are then translated to the pattern.  

– Once the pattern is finished, you can collect it from me and use it as many times as you wish for your own sewing projects.